Status : Completed

A film by : Petr Vaclav
Written by : Petr Vaclav

5th feature film
90 minutes – Social Road-Movie
Czech/Romani/French/English/Italian speaking
Original title : Skokan
Starring :  Julius Oracko, Karidja Touré, Klaudia Dudova

Synopsis :

Czech Republic, April 2015.

“The Frog”, 28 years-old man, finished his stay in prison. He is given the clothes in which he was arrested there a few years. Outside, in front of the wall decorated with barbed wire, the street is empty. Nobody expects “The Frog”.

In the city where he lands, he has nowhere to go. No house. No work. His family does not want him.
Overnight, he decides to leave everything in order to launch his singing career, and heads for the Cannes Film Festival.

Producer :  Mimesis – Jan Macola
In coproduction with : Cinema Defacto – Tom Dercourt & Sophie Erbs
With the participation of :  Czech TV, CNC – Aide aux Cinémas du Monde, Aide à la diversité

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