Cinéma Defacto is an author-driven production company founded in 2007 and based in Paris. The company’s track-record totals around 40 completed features, most of them premiered in A-class festivals with 20 part of official selections in Cannes and Berlin.

Tom Dercourt created the company in 2007, after ten years of producing with another structure, Les Films à un dollar. The catalog of the company includes 17 features, almost all of which were made in coproduction and premiered in A-Class festivals. Tom Dercourt is part of the ACE network.

Sophie Erbs joined the team in 2004 as head of development and became a partnering producer in 2012. She is also an EAVE and ACE member.

For the past two decades, Cinéma Defacto has acquired a sense of expertise in every aspect of  cinematographic work: from script development to financing, shooting and film editing, sales and festival marketing.

Latin America, Asia and Europe are our most common partners so far. We have developed faithful relationships with producers and built a strong network of companies around the world, sharing the same mainspring for topics which can make audiences think and act: social revolutions, human rights, ecology, the future of the next generation, all mixed with strong, intimate stories. We have built solid relationships with directors  whose vision we support, both as moviegoers and as actors in the world with a political consciousness.