Le Vampire de Ropraz

A film by Vincent Veilllon & Vincent Kucholl 
Written by Vincent Kucholl & Antoine Jaccoud
Based on a novel of Jacques Chessex

Synopsis: The Vampire of Ropraz, based on real events in the canton of Vaud, is the great noir novel of French-speaking literature.

Shooting: October 2024
Delivery: 2025

Produced by: Point Prod (Switzerland)
In coproduction with: Cinéma Defacto & Panache Production (Belgium)


Green Underground

Written by Christophe Lemoine
Series 6x 52′ – French

Synopsis: Élise works at the Paris headquarters of one of the world’s “supermajors” of hydrocarbon and energy production. Initially sensitive to environmental issues, Élise has, over the course of her twelve years with the company, allowed herself to be won over by the indoctrination and greenwashing of her employer… as well as by her comfortable daily life as a senior executive.

Awakened by her 19-year-old daughter Camilla’s commitment to the environment and by the realization that the “ethics” unit she belongs to in the company only serves to muzzle the most eco-sensitive employees, Élise decides to act as a whistleblower…

She is spotted and recruited by a clandestine eco-radical organization of executives from large companies who have decided to “take action”. Élise discovers commitment and secret action through perilous operations in favor of the environment. But the “eco-resistant” network is the target of a small libertarian group opposed to it…

… to which Tristan, Elise’s husband and great love, belongs.

Produced by Cinéma Defacto & Point Prod (Switzerland)



A film by: Cyril Houplain
Written with: Cyril Houplain & Marcel Beaulieu

Synopsis: “Pepite, is the story of an encounter, the one between Pépite, a Golden ant, and Alistair, a young runaway who dreams of becoming a composer. They will become dependent on each other to achieve their respective goals.

Pépite has no choice but to follow Alistair to find her way back home, while the teenager wants to harness the insect’s extraordinary artistic creativity to become famous.
Pépite becomes his muse, and success follows. But things won’t be so simple.
Pépite is a queen by natural instinct, untamed and unaccustomed to being told what to do.”

Delivery: 2025
Produced by: Cinéma Defacto


Avec les pires intentions
Con le peggiori intenzioni 

A film by: Chiara Malta 
Written by: Chiara Malta, Marco Pettenello & Eleonora Marangoni
Based on a novel of: Alessandro Piperno
4th feature film – 113 min – Italian 

Synopsis: Bourgeois, splendid and superficial Rome of the 80s. Influenced by the bad example of his grandfather Bepi, a casual, hedonistic and irresponsible dandy, Daniel Sonnino falls in love with Gaïa, granddaughter of Nanni Cittadini, his grandfather’s worst enemy. But Gaïa does not care. Entangled in this unrequited love, and crushed by the cumbersome memory of his beloved grandfather, Daniel will do his best to become himself.

Shooting: Avril 2024
Delivery: 2025
Produced by: Indiana Production (Italy) & MéMo Films (Italy)
In coproduction with Cinéma Defacto



A film by: Jan Kounen
Based on a comic strip of: Ludovic Debeurme
Animation – 90 min – French 

Synopsis: The Earth, threatened by the human species, has created its army: the “Epiphanians”.
“This is how I am made. Forever dissimilar to those of your species. Where you see welcoming cities rising, I see, through the asphalt that is laid endlessly to extend the arrogant cities again and again, the end of a world made of roots, lichens, worms and ancestral bacteria.”

Delivery: 2025
Produced by: Naïa Productions (France) & Cinéma Defacto
In coproduction with Umédia (Belgium)


El Puma
The Puma

A film by: Marcela Said
Written with: Marcela Said & Gonzalo Maza
3rd feature-film – 90 min

Synopsis: Deep in the Patagonian forest, two couples set out on an illegal puma hunt. When a deadly “accident” befalls their guide, they are forced to confront their oldest betrayals and deepest fears in order to survive.

Shooting: March 2024
Delivery: 2025
Produced by: Cinéma Defacto
In coproduction with augenschein Filmproduktion (Germany), Wood Producciones (Chile)
Executive Producer & International Sales: Protagonist Pictures (United Kingdom)

With the support of CNC – Aide aux Cinémas du monde, the development support from MEDIA – Creative Europe, Bord Cadre, Fondo Fomento Audiovisual Largometraje Ficción, Comité de Desarrollo Productivo Regional de Los Ríos IFI
Markets & Awards: Berlinale Coproduction Market 2019, Developed with ACE28

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A film by : Boo Junfeng
Co-written with: Raymond Phathanavirangoon

3rd feature – 100 min – Mandarin

Shooting: Spring 2024
Delivery: 2025
Produced by: Cinéma Defacto, Gaïjin (France) & Peanut Films (Singapore)
Coproduced by: Augenschein Filmproduktion (Germany), Lava Films (Poland)
Executive Producer: PlusOne Motion Pictures (Hong-Kong)

With the support from CNC – Aide aux Cinéma du monde, Île-de-France – Cinéma International and the development support from MEDIA – Creative Europe and CICLIC.

Markets & Awards: Taipei Golden Horse – CNC Award, Berlinale Coproduction Market 2019

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La Vallée Sauvage

A film by: Christophe Ali
Written by: Christophe Ali & Pierre Hodgson

4th feature film – 90 min – French

Shooting: September 2024
Delivery: 2025
Produced by: Cinéma Defacto
With the support of  Media, La Procirep