Czech Lions 2015 – 7 awards

A film by : Petr Vaclav
Written by: Petr Vaclav

2nd feature film
Czech Republic / France
2014 – 90 min – Drama
Romany & Czech speaking
Original title – « Cesta Ven »
French title – « Zaneta»

Starring : Klaudia Dudova, David Istok, Sara Makulova

Synopsis :
Taking place in the Czech Republic in 2013, Cesta Ven is the story of a young Gipsy couple who wish to live an ordinary life – something impossible for Gipsies. Alone, they lead an uneven struggle against the hostile majority that denies them the right to a decent existence. And they must protect their dignity and love.

Producers : Moloko Film – Jan Macola (Czech Republic)
Coproducers: Cinéma Defacto – Tom Dercourt & Sophie Erbs (France)
Distribution : Norte Distribution (France)
International sales : Premium Films
Release date, France : May 6th, 2015
With the participation of : Cinemas du Monde – CNC / Institut Français, Arte-Cofinova, Région Ile-de-France

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