Cinema Defacto is a production company at human scale,created to provide the authors we support with the necessary attention and tools to crystallize their ambitions. A structure designed to optimize all production matters in order to serve a cinematographic vision.

Tom Dercourt created the company in 2007, after ten years of producing with another structure, Les Films à un dollar. The catalog of the company includes 17 features, almost all of which were made in coproduction and premiered in A-Class festivals. Tom Dercourt is part of the ACE network.

Sophie Erbs joined the team in 2004 as head of development and became a partnering producer in 2012. She’s an EAVE member.

Besides production, Cinema Defacto is also proactive regarding distribution matters: Tom Dercourt founded Shellac in 2003, an active independent high-quality distribution label with more than 100 releases in France and La Septième Salle in 2012: the first on demand programming tool for cinema exhibitors and distributors.