A film by Pia Marais
Written by Pia Marais, Martin Rosefeldt, Willem Droste

4th feature – 100 min – English / Portuguese

Synopsis: Rebecca is a young miracle healer, whose fame brings crowds to her father Lawrence Byrne’s mission, deep in the Amazon rainforest. As hostility arises between the neighbor- ing indigenous tribe and illegal loggers invading their territory, Rebecca and Byrne are pulled into an escalating conflict. Events cast Rebecca into the mystery of her own past. As doubt creeps into their relationship, father and daughter realize they cannot preach peace without confronting their own demons.

Shooting: July 2023
Delivery: 2024

Produced by: Cinéma Defacto, Gaïjin
In coproduction with: Pandora Filmproduktion (Germany), Point Prod (Switzerland), Cabocla Filmes (Brazil)
With the support of CNC – Aide aux cinémas du monde, CNC / FFA mini-treaty, the regional support from NRW, French Guyana and Guadeloupe, Cinéforum, the development support from MEDIA Creative Europe, Angoa and Martinique.

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