A film by : Denis Dercourt
Written by : Denis Dercourt

3rd feature film
2003 – 87min – Drama
French speaking

Original title: Mes enfants ne sont pas comme les autres
Starring : Richard Berry, Mathieu amalric, Maurice Garrel, Elodie Peudepièce, Malik Zidi, Frédéric Roullier, Aïssa Maïga

Synopsis : Jean Debart raises two children by himself, and requires from them to study music intensively . As an orchestral musician himself, he is also their teacher. Alexander, 11, is a virtuoso pianist, and seems to obey to his father’s demands. Adele, a brilliant cellist, appears to be less docile than her brother. As she prepares the most reputable music competitions , she falls in love with her companion, Thomas. But a Debart is not allowed to combine music and first love …

Producers : Tom Dercourt – Les Films à un dollar
Co-producers : Roissy Films, Panache Productions, Cipango SN
International Sales: Roissy Films
Distribution : Océans Films Distribution (France)
Theatrical Release France : July 23rd, 2003
With participation from : TSR, Canal + Belgique, RTBF, Région Alsace, Ville de Strasbourg

Festivals :

Festival des Films du Monde de Montréal


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