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La Vallée Sauvage

A film by: Christophe Ali
Written by: Christophe Ali, Jacques Sotty & Pierre Hodgson
Adapted from: Grossir le Ciel by Franck Bouysse – ed. La Manufacture des Livres

4th feature film – 90 min – French

Synopsis: Gustave Targot, mid-forties, is a mountain farmer, in the property he inherited from his father in the heart of the wild and snowy Cevennes. His simple life changes after he hears screams and gunshots coming from Abel’s farm, his 75 years old neighbour and only friend. His world starts to shiver as violence impregnates the Doges’ immaculate snow…

Shooting: Late 2020, France
Delivery: 2021
Produced by: Cinéma Defacto

With the support of: CNC – Aide à la conception