A film by : Romain Cogitore
Written by : Romain Cogitore

1st feature film
2010 – 90min – Drama
French speaking

Original title : Nos Résistances
Starring : François Civil, Grégoire Colin, Grégory Gatignol, Jules Sitruk, Michel Vuillermoz

Synopsis : Summer 1944.
François is a 19 years old, carefree rescuer, who secretly wishes to sleep with his girlfriend.
One evening they are about to make the leap, but a Resistance fighter comes for help.
François goes to the maquis in order to impress the girl and joins a group of fifteen immature boys.
But up there, nothing goes as planned.
The war catches up with them, brutally marking the end of innocence and François is caught in the crossfire …

Producers : Cinema Defacto – Tom Dercourt & Sophie Erbs
Distribution: Shellac (France)
Theatrical Release France : January 5th 2011
With participation from : Orange Cinema Series, Ciné Cinéma,
Région Alsace, Région Lorraine, Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg, Cofinova 6, and Procirep / Angoa-Agicoa

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