Green Underground

Written by Christophe Lemoine
Series 6x 52′ – French

Synopsis: Élise works at the Paris headquarters of one of the world’s “supermajors” of hydrocarbon and energy production. Initially sensitive to environmental issues, Élise has, over the course of her twelve years with the company, allowed herself to be won over by the indoctrination and greenwashing of her employer… as well as by her comfortable daily life as a senior executive.

Awakened by her 19-year-old daughter Camilla’s commitment to the environment and by the realization that the “ethics” unit she belongs to in the company only serves to muzzle the most eco-sensitive employees, Élise decides to act as a whistleblower…

She is spotted and recruited by a clandestine eco-radical organization of executives from large companies who have decided to “take action”. Élise discovers commitment and secret action through perilous operations in favor of the environment. But the “eco-resistant” network is the target of a small libertarian group opposed to it…

… to which Tristan, Elise’s husband and great love, belongs.

Produced by Cinéma Defacto & Point Prod (Switzerland)