Status: in development
A film by: Marcela Said

3rd feature-film
90 min – drama
English and Spanish speaking


Synopsis: In the heart of the patagonian forest, DANIEL (40), a hunting guide, is lying on the ground, a deadly wound on his chest. Two couples are standing close by: EMA (45) and her husband OLIVER (50), and their friend VINCE (50) and ROSE (52).

This is where our story starts : 4 people at a loss, trying to figure out what to do in a moment of crisis. Through a series of flashbacks, the story unfolds, revealing the group’s deepest secrets, desires, betrayals and passions. Little by little, we end up discovering the events that led to Daniel’s tragic accident.

The Hunt of the Puma is a psychological thriller which tells the story of four interconnected characters trapped in a forgotten place, who have to face their life and death impulses, offering them a last chance to find their inner truth.


Producer :  Cinema Defacto
Developed in association with  :  Protagonist Pictures (UK)
With the participation of :  CNC – Aide à la conception, Procirep – Angoa