Status : in development
A film by : Boo Junfeng
Written by : Boo Junfeng & Raymond Phathanavirangoon

3rd feature
100 min – drama

Synopsis :

Johnny, an evangelical pastor, performs Shaolin-esque tests of strength during his service. Despite his anti-gay sermons, Johnny becomes infatuated with his disciple Yang. One day, Yang goes missing. Distraught, Johnny vows to investigate the matter by himself


Producers : Peanut Pictures – Raymond Phathanavirangoon (Singapore), Cinema Defacto – Sophie Erbs (France),  Zhao Wei Films – Junxiang Huand
In coproduction with : Lava Films – Mariusz Wlodarski (Poland), Augenschein Filmproduktion – Maximilian Leo & Jonas Katzenstein (Germany), Tarantula – Donato Rotunno (Luxembourg)
Markets :