Costa Brava, Lebanon

A film by: Mounia Akl
Co-written with: Clara Roquet

1st feature – 100 min – Lebanese

Synopsis: The Badri family lives in idyllic isolation in the Lebanese mountains away from the rest of the country that is drowning in garbage and pollution since 10 years. When the government finally finds a solution, it’s not good news for them. A big landfill will be built outside their land, hosting all the rot that piled up for years, bringing reality to their locked doors. As the trash of a whole country piles up on their doorstep, the hidden tensions among the family arise, making them realize the rot was not only outside their home, but deep inside their walls.

Shooting : November 2020
Delivery :
Produced by:
Abbout Production (Lebanon)
Coproduced by:
Cinéma Defacto, Snowglobe Films (Denmark), Barentsfilm (Norway), Fox In The Snow (Sweden), Lastor Media (Spain) in association with Gaïjin

Supported by: CICLIC – Aide au codéveloppement international, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, Doha Film Institute, CNC – Aide à la création visuelle et sonore, Région Ile-de-France – Fonds de soutien international

Markets & Awards: Cannes Film Festival, Cinéfondation – CNC Development Award, Torino Film Lab – Production Award, Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab, Springboard Gouna – New Century Award, Malmö Arab Film Festival – Development Award, Ateliers d’Angers.