Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Status :            in development
A film by :       Pierre Földes
Written by :    Pierre Földes
Based on  :      6 original short novels by Haruki Murakami

1st animation feature
100min – drama

Synopsis :

Tokyo, a few days after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami: Kyoko leaves her husband after watching earthquake footage on television for five days non-stop. Her husband, Komura gets fired from his 
job and takes off on a soul-searching trip with strange women. And Katagiri, an accountant, comes home only to find a giant frog asking him to save Tokyo from another earthquake. Through memories, dreams and fantasies, influenced by their own vision of the earthquake – in the form of evil trees, a giant worm, a secret wish, an unknown password, a mysterious empty box and dark endless corridors – Kyoko, Komura and Katagiri, all three try to reconnect with whom they really are.


Producer :  Cinema Defacto – Tom Dercourt, Miyu Productions – Pierre Baussaron & Emmanuel-Alain Raynal
In coproduction with : Arte France Cinéma (France),  Proton Cinema (Hungary), An Original Picture (Netherlands), micro_scope (Canada)
With the participation of :  Procirep, MEDIA Creative Europe, CNC – Avances sur Recettes, CNC – CVS, Ile de France – production support, Nouvelle Aquitaine – production support
Awards:  Eurimages Award

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