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L’Amour du Prochain / Love Thy Neighbour

A film by: Siegrid Alnoy
Co-written with: Sophie Fillières

2nd feature film – 100 min – French

Synopsis: When Christian Beck discovers that his partner, Isabelle, suffers from an incurable disease, he decides to make her happy. Not an easy task for this man who won’t believe in anything, much less happiness. But Isabelle tells him that she’s going to get married with an asylum-seeker. So, here they are, fabulous and involved fully in their immutable loving vocation…

Shooting: Spring 2020
Delivery: 2021
French Distribution: Rezo Films
Produced by: Cinéma Defacto
Coproduced by: Lemming Films (Netherlands), Deal Production (Luxemburg)

Supported by: CNC – Aide au développement, Procirep, Angoa, Région Bretagne