Death and the madien_BIG


Death and the Maiden

A film by Adina Pintilie
2nd feature – 100 min

Synopsis: Paul (23) and Radu (53) are a couple in crisis. They are visited every day in their home by a small film crew. Together with the filmmaker, they go through a “deconstruction of memory” process, via procedures such as intimate video diaries, exercises inspired from family constellations, re-enactments of key memories and dreams, in an attempt to make sense of their explosive relationship.

Shooting: 2022
Delivery: 2023
Produced by: Manekino Film (Romania/Germany)
In coproduction with: Cinéma Defacto, Amerikafilm (Germany), KGP Filmproduktion (Austria), PINK (Czech Republic).
In association with: Gaïjn (France)

Developed with the support of: Ciclic – Aide au codéveloppement international