A film by: Alain Raoust
Written by: Alain Raoust & Cécile Vargaftig

France – drama – 90 min
Estimated shooting date: Fall 2017

Alaska is 25.
She has a date with grief.
Alaska’s name is Garance, but she chose a codename. Alaska with an A for Autonomy, an L for Love, an S for Sedition, a K for Kommando.
Alaska must return a dog that is not hers.
Alaska lives in France, a country so cold, no radiator can help.
Alaska would like it to be slightly warmer, every day.
Warmth. Or Love.

Alaska is seeking herself. Alaska is finding herself.
She has a date with grief.
The one that makes one stronger, that grants freedom.

Alaska goes on.


Produced by: Tom Dercourt / Cinéma Defacto
With financial support from: MEDIA – Slate funding, CNC – Aide à la réécriture, Région PACA – soutien à l’écriture, Ville de Nice – aide à la réécriture, Procirep-Angoa